August Europe Martyrs Saints

Saint Andrew the Tribune

Feast Day: August 19

Today I am Feasting with… Saint Andrew the Tribune.

Saint Andrew the Tribune

Andrew’s Secret

Andrew was the general of the Roman army during the reign of Emperor Maximian. He was secretly a Christian (though he was not yet baptized), which was dangerous at the time.

During a war against the Persians, Andrew gathered the best of his troops and courageously announced that he was a Catholic. He told his men that if they called upon the name of Jesus they would win the war.

His troops admired Andrew’s faith and courage. They prayed that God would help them win the war. When the Roman army faced the Persians they won a triumphant victory.

When a few jealous men betrayed that Andrew was Catholic, Emperor Maximian was furious. However, he knew that Andrew had won the respect of the Roman people and he would not be able to kill him publicly. The emperor and a few of his most trusted men knew they had to kill him in secret.

Andrew, through Divine Revelation, learned of this horrible plan, but he stood firm in his faith. He and a few of his men retreated to a secluded valley in Tarsus, Turkey to be baptized. There the emperor’s men killed Andrew and the 2,593 soldiers who were with him. Andrew and his men willingly died a martyr’s death.

Andrew the Tribune’s Feast Day is August 19. He is the patron saint of soldiers and the army.

Saint Andrew the Tribune, pray for us!