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Pope Saint Pius X

Feast Day: August 21

Today I am Feasting with… Pope Saint Pius X

Pope Pius X

The Life of Guiseppe Sarto

Giuseppe Sarto was born on June 2, 1835, to a poor family in Italy. His childhood was one of poverty, but his parents valued education, and so Guiseppe studied hard. He eventually received a scholarship to attend the Seminary at Padua, where he finished his studies with distinction.

In 1858, Guiseppe received his ordination to the priesthood. He became the chaplain at Tombolo where he continued to to grow in faith and knowledge. Guiseppe was popular among the people and aided them in whatever way he was able. He also taught dogmatic and moral theology in Treviso.

Pope Leo XIII appointed Guiseppe as bishop of Mantua in addition to the honorary position of assistant at the pontifical throne on November 10, 1984. In 1893, Pope Leo XIII made Bishop Guiseppe a cardinal, and upon the death of Leo XIII in 1903, Guiseppe became Pope Pius X. He was the two hundred fifty ninth pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

As pope, he was conservative in his theological views and reforms of the liturgy and church law. He stated ” We champion the authority of God. His authority and commandments should be recognized, deferred to, and respected.”

He encouraged the frequent reception of Holy Communion, especially by children. In fact, Pope Pius X is responsible for moving the First Communion age up to 7.

Pius X wrote the famous encyclical “Piscendi”, which condemns Modernism and highlights the threat it posed to history, liturgy, and philosophy.

World War I began on the 11th anniversary of Pius’ papal election. He died a few weeks later on August 20, 1914.

His Feast day is August 21 and he is the patron saint of first communicants.

Pope Saint Pius X, pray for us!