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Saint Nicholas of Myra

Feast Day: December 6

Today we are feasting with… Saint Nicholas of Myra.

Saint Nicholas of Myra

To celebrate his feast day, we made Baklava Satchels. This delicious treat blends the traditional culinary cuisine of Myra, Turkey with the modern-day depiction of Saint Nicholas carrying his bag of gifts. We hope you enjoy this fun twist on Baklava as much as we do!

How To Make Baklava Satchels

Good Saint Nicholas

Nicholas was born in the seaport city of Patara, Lycia, in the year of our Lord 270. Nicholas lost both of his parents when he was a young man and used his inheritance to care for the poor and needy. He later became the Bishop of Myra, Turkey, sometime during the 4th century.

A popular legend surrounding Saint Nicholas was about the three poor sisters. The three sisters were of marrying age but their poor father did not have enough money to pay for their dowries. If the girls were unable to marry, they would have to live a life of servitude. The kindly Bishop was soon informed of their dilemma and decided to help.

On three consecutive nights, Nicholas left a bag of gold at the poor man’s house. On the last night, the old man stayed awake to see who was leaving such wonderful gifts. Around midnight he watched Nicholas slip the bag of gold through the open window. The poor man rushed outside to thank Nicholas for his generosity, and soon all three daughters were happily wed.

It used to be that all gift-giving was done on the feast day of Saint Nicholas. But over the years, society has slowly morphed Saint Nicholas into Santa Claus. The legend of the three daughters explains why Santa Claus carries a big satchel and delivers gifts in the middle of the night.

Saint Nicholas’ feast day is December 6th. He is the patron of children, sailors, brewers, and merchants.

Saint Nicholas, pray for us!

How to make Baklava Satchels

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